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Invest Pro

Ver 3.6.2

investPro is a complete portfolio management software with simple accounting.It will enable you to keep track of your share purchases and sales with maximum simplicity and ease. investProgives you control over your investment strategy by helping you understand how your portfolio is performing and ensure that your investment decisions are tax-effective. If you dread each March because of the hassels of filling Tax Return, you can breath easy. investPro generates all the information your accountant needs, viz. the taxation reports include detailed Capital and Speculative Gains/Losses for all the transactions. Playing the stock market is a risky business but when you have the right information at your fingertips, the rewards clearly outweigh the risks. With investPro it couldn’t be simpler! This is a complete records management system that lets you fully understand the value of your portfolio and manage it efficiently. It will let you quickly see which shares you have available and the average price you paid for them. You can update your stock prices with one push of a button and get a detail view of your individual shares of entire portfolio position. The base cost-index of shares is accurately calculated. investPro understands the various Capital Gain Rules, and displays the calculations and results for the most favorable rule that applies in each case. The first thing you notice about investPro is the user-friendly interface that although appears very basic, is extremely functional & features all the relevant information of the stock markets without it becoming too cluttered.

Version Price (Excluding Taxes)
3.6.2 3010.00
*Terms & Conditions applied

Salient Features

  • Provides very high flexibility in defining your own additions and deductions. The defined calculations can include constants, variables and formula.
  • Capable of maintaining payroll information for multiple companies.
  • Appointment letter can be issued to an employee.
  • Provides for management of leaves, it can be set as monthly/yearly.
  • Loan & advances either EMI based or non-EMI based.
  • Leave Encashment.
  • Payroll can be either CTC base or non-CTC based.
  • Salary structure can be defined if the employee category is same.
  • Change the Employee status & salary slab also can be changed.
  • Auto generation of time sheet with attendance saves data entry where the number of employees is very high.
  • Profession tax slab can be defined for various states.
  • Pay slip can be directly sent to their email address during generation.
  • Payroll enables you to import employee record and works on the data in excel Software in a given format.
  • Attendance data can be linked with Attendance machine.
  • Arrears, Gratuity and Settlement options are available.
  • Classifies and store payroll data from month to month for all employees.
  • The software permits editing of individual employee payroll data for any variations.
  • Easy integration & maintenance of Branch office/Factory data.

Reports & Tools

  • Payroll Registers – there are many formats available with facility to export to XLS format for further processing.
  • Backup, Restore facility and secured login for extended security.
  • Own user id creation for user login.
  • Pay slips are self‐generated in any of 3 predefined formats. Software facilitates data export, which in turn may be linked to Microsoft Word format of Pay slip, thus enabling user to create his own format of pay slips. In addition, pay slips may be printed, exported to Word/PDF format, emailed to employee or posted to intranet/internet.
  • Attendance Register for Attendance Entry of employee
  • Reports include PF statement (monthly), form16; Pay slip, Leave Register, Payroll Register, ESIC Registers, 3A & 6A etc.
  • Loan Register in Details & Summary Format.
  • P‐TAX form (Quarterly/ monthly) along with employee details.
  • Software further caters to statutory reporting for ESIC, PF, wherever applicable.
  • LAN compatible with no theoretical limit on number of users.
  • Updates – through Internet with respect to enhancements made in software, with valuable customer feedback and due to changes in laws, which generally happen over time.
  • Payroll register is available in portrait and landscape formats or directly into Microsoft Excel You may select specific branch(es) and also the sorting order.
  • Pay slips are available in multiple formats allowing you to select the contents you wish to be included in format of your choice.
  • Transfer Instruction Letter gives you a ready listing with account number and amount to submit to your bank.
  • An overall summary of additions and deductions for the complete year can be obtained from Earn Card
  • All reports are viewable on‐screen as well as exportable to Microsoft Word and or Acrobat PDF file.
  • Bonus Statement
  • Head wise Earning/ Deduction
  • Consolidated Payroll Register & pay slip for Arrear.
  • Consolidated Payroll Register & pay slip for Arrear.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/7/XP/Vista
  • Minimum Pentium IV
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • 180MB free space on hard disk.
  • 180MB free space on hard disk.